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How to spot a computer engineer.

The world can spot a computer engineer from miles off. Ten sure clues:

1. When dating: ends up together in front of a computer.

2. In the street: he's the one carrying a box of floppy discs.

3. In discussion: he's the one who starts laughing hysterically when the topic of computer reliability is brought up.

4. Anywhere: Red watery eyes, and sleepy if awake before 4pm.

5. Bumper sticker on car: My ware is harder, bigger and faster than yours.

6. Thinks a perfect Saturday Night is a fast fsp-connection to a base with plenty of gifs, and a case of Heineken.

7. Cancels dates because he's too occupied with a new mud.

8. Keeps being caught with Playboy by the scanner.

9. Keeps more than 16 sheets of printouts on his desk.

10. Thinks IRC is the perfect way to get dates.

Jargon Jokes Jargon Jokes Dancer

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