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One day, an engineer died

One day, an engineer died

One day, an engineer died. He was the kind of engineer that built stuff, like air conditioners. When he died, he went to heaven, and met God. God said, "Hey! You're not on the list. Go to Hell."

So he walked down about 3,945,081 flights of stairs, and met the devil. Satan said, "Okay! Come on in." While in hell, he made all sorts of things, like escalators, air conditioners, etc.

One day, God called the devil and said, "You know that engineer? Well, he is supposed to be up here."

So the devil said, "Are you crazy? I won't give you this guy."

God said, "Well if you don't, I'll sue." The devil replied, "Sue? You can't sue me. You don't have any lawyers up there!"

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