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Top ten way's "Deep Blue" is celebrating.

10. Nailed R2D2

9. Just for the heck of it, told the I.R.S. computers to audit Bill Gates

8. Went online pretending to be a tr?nsv?stite: Had cyb?rs?x with Eddie Murphy

7. Spent a romantic evening at home with his new girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy

6. Got drunk and beat the crap out of a Nintendo

5. Called up moviefone and bought Garry Kasparov twenty tickets for everything

4. Doing a guest spot on "friends" as Monica's "brainy" new boyfriend

3. Enjoying a refreshing game of ping-pong (suddenly -- a video shot of an OLD PC with a ping-pong paddle taped to side of the monitor comes up... you guessed it, a ball bounces off it...)

2. Downloaded some pictures of Teri Hatcher and gave the ol' mouse a workout

1. He's going to www.disneyworld.com!

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